Verbal Praise

This is given to an individual or a group, either in the classroom or in whole-school or year assemblies.


In the lower school, a ‘credit’ system operates. Students can gain credits for good work, effort or some action beyond what would normally be expected. Each term these are added up and bronze, silver and gold credit certificates are awarded. Students who achieve three gold certificates in one year receive a gold star badge. Awards are also made per term to the individual and year group with the highest number of credits. At the end of the academic year, there is an award for the tutor group with the highest number of credits over the year.


Each week the attendance level for each tutor group is displayed on the notice board in reception and congratulations are sent to each form achieving 100%attendance for that week. A Year 7, 8 or 9 tutor group which has 100% attendance also receives 10 class credits. At the end of each term, students with 100% attendance are given a certificate and the tutor group with the highest attendance is awarded a shield. In July, a silver cup is awarded to the tutor group with the highest attendance over the academic year.

Prizes for Participation

All students are issued with a Connaught clubcard, enabling students to collect points every time they attend an activity outside of lesson time. When the card is full, it can be exchanged for a Connaught USB stick. Participation in school assemblies is rewarded with a small gift.


If a student has achieved well in a particular subject or put a great deal of effort into a piece of work, her subject teacher will send home a postcard congratulating her. Similarly, if a student demonstrates helpfulness around the school or a particular commitment to Connaught life, a postcard is sent home. When a student has collected ten postcards, she may bring them into school and exchange them for a £5.00 voucher.

Effort and Attainment

In July, certificates are awarded in each year group for effort and attainment across the curriculum.

Using the two sets of reports for the school year, the student averages of effort and attainment grades are calculated. These averages are used to produce a rank order of the year group for both effort and attainment. This list is then used to determine the students for whom the certificates are awarded.

For attainment, there are a number of additional certificates awarded in each year group every year.

Student responsibilities

Form Captain

In the lower school, each tutor group has an elected form captain and vice form captain who serve for one term. Their duties include helping with form administration.


Prefects are chosen by students in Year 10 and by staff. They assist around the school with regular duties and some are attached to lower school tutor groups.

School Council

Upper school students are chosen to act as Chair, Vice-chair and secretary of the school council. Elected representatives from each tutor group discuss items that affect students and staff. All representatives attend whole school council meetings and one committee meeting. The different committees are premises, healthy eating and charities. In the past year, members of the school council have been involved in developing the teaching and learning policy and helping staff evaluate different aspects of the school. School council meets every week, either as a full body or a committee.