Homework is an important and integral part of the learning process.

We place strong emphasis on homework and the contribution it makes to successful achievement.

Why we do homework?


When is it done?

How much?

The amount of homework per evening increases with each year.


Homework time per night


1 hour 30 minutes


1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours


2 hours – 2 hours 30 minutes


2 hours 30 minutes – 3 hours


At least 3 hours

In addition to this set homework every student must do at least 30 minutes reading every night.

Where is it to be done?

Homework is meant to be done at home although at some stages students may attend homework ‘clubs’ held during the lunchtime at school. Research tasks may require homework to be done in the learning resource centre or in libraries.The learning resource centre is open from 8am, at lunchtime and after school to 4.00 p.m. to allow students to come early and/or stay late.It is supervised at these times.

When is it to be handed in?

This varies according to subjects and the type of homework tasks. In subjects such as Mathematics and French, homework will be set twice a week and will mostly need to be handed in the next day. In subjects such as History and Geography, students will mostly have a few days to complete one larger piece of homework set each week.

In all subjects, especially in higher years, students will occasionally be set larger homework projects which are to be completed over a longer period. Students will be given guidance to pace themselves and their progress will be monitored.

Where is it to be handed in?

This varies but students will be told clearly what their teacher expects them to do.

Written work may be placed in the teacher’s locker or taken to his or her classroom, or brought to the appropriate lesson. Oral work or work to be learned will be presented or tested in the appropriate lesson.


Students are advised to begin long term tasks, including coursework, early so that they can seek help should they find difficulties with the work. Where students meet problems with homework that has to be completed by the next day, they should do as much of the work as they can. They should ask their parents/carers to confirm in their diary that they have made a genuine attempt to complete the homework.(Parents/Carers agree to do this in the Home-School Agreement).

Homework Diary

Students note in their diary the tasks to be done for each subject’s homework. Some homework is also recorded in the student’s class book. This record, with the homework timetable, where appropriate, enables parents/carers to check homework.