The importance of good behaviour

At Connaught we believe that good behaviour is of the utmost importance.Good behaviour leads to academic and social success at school and prepares pupils for the demanding environment of higher education and work.We expect good behaviour from all students at all times. This is for the student's own benefit and to ensure that the education of other students is not disrupted.

At Connaught, sanctions are used when a student's behaviour goes against the ethos, aims and rules of the school.

A summary of good behaviour

We expect students to:

The majority of students do meet our expectations. However, on occasion, some students need support and guidance to maintain good behaviour.We have a graduated system of sanctions aimed at helping studentsto get back on track.

Misbehaviour will be dealt with in the following ways:


Serious incidents

If a teacher calls for the “on call” teacher, there has been a serious incident in the classroom which means that the lesson cannot continue until the student has been removed from the teaching group. The student who has disrupted the lesson may be excluded from lessons until the incident is resolved. In this case the “on call” teacher,who will be an Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or the Headteacher, will sign the diary so that parents are aware of the “on call” incident.


An exclusion from school is ur most severe sanction. The decision to exclude is taken by the Headteacher or, in her absence, a Deputy Headteacher.Such incidents include:

The length of exclusion is linked to the severity of the incident. Most exclusions are for one or two school days. However, if a student repeats an offence the exclusion may be longer.Parents are notified that a serious incident is being investigated and that it may lead to exclusion. After a full investigation has taken place, the parents are contacted again about the exclusion. School work should be completed during the exclusion period.An exclusion letter is given to the student to take home and a second copy is posted home. Parents have a right to appeal against exclusion if they feel there have been grounds for unfair treatment. Such appeal procedures are included in the letter. A return-to-school interview occurs at the end of the exclusion.