Learning Support (SEN)

Connaught School for Girls has a policy which details the support available for students with Special Educational Needs. The overall aim is to provide access to the curriculum for all students. The policy clearly sets out how the school identifies and assesses Special Educational Needs and what strategies and support can be provided at each level within the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. There is also a procedure for identifying the special needs of students who arrive as mid-term admissions during the year.

Additional support teachers and learning assistants work alongside other teachers within a particular subject specialist team. Sometimes students are withdrawn for small group work to provide a much greater opportunity for focused support.

Staff receive ongoing training in strategies to support students with special needs, including students with a disability. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) liaises with teachers, parents and external agencies, such as the Educational Psychology Service, to provide the best level of support for the students. Special Educational Needs information is used by staff to enable them to plan their teaching of individuals and classes more effectively.