Closure Remote Learning

School CLOSED to all but Children of Essential Key Workers from 23-Mar-20

School teaching staff have put into place provision for home learning, including online learning through Google Classroom and other platforms such as Heggarty Maths. Students should log on to Chrome and access the Google Classroom that correspond to their teaching timetable and check for messages and tasks set by their teachers.  There are also Year Group Google Classrooms to check. 

Year 10 students should ensure they complete at least 7 hours' work each day.  To supplement their Google Classroom work, all Year 10 students have a GCSEpod login.  GCSEpod is a superb resource of videos that exactly match GCSE examination specifications.  Students should use this resource to ensure they complete the right amount of school work each day.

Google Classroom, Heggarty Maths, GCSEpod and other online learning will be monitored by staff and phone calls may be made.  We appreciate parents' efforts to ensure their children work productively at home.

For students without access to IT at home, paper packs will be available from the school office. A separate communication will be sent home with details.