Value for Money

Connaught School for Girls is required to show its value for money statement in conjunction with DfE regulation as stated below;

"All academy trusts are required to complete an annual value for money statement to help them self-assess what they have done to maximise the impact of their money. The statement must be signed by the trust’s accounting officer and a copy of the signed statement must be emailed to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) at the email address below by 31 December each year. It must also be published on the trust’s website within one month of submission to the EFA.

The value for money statement was first announced in the September 2012 edition of the Academies Financial Handbook and originally was to be presented as part of academy trusts’ annual reports and audited accounts. However the statement is now a separate free-standing return that will not be a part of the annual report and accounts. The value for money statement does not need to be audited by academy trusts’ external auditors."

Value for Money Statement - 2019

Value for Money Statement - 2018

Value for Money Statement - 2017