School Council

School Council Officials


The School Council is a group of students elected to represent the views of all students and to improve their school. To become part of the leadership team ( chair, vice chair or secretary)  we had to write an application form including details about why we wanted to be part of the student council and the skills we had which could benefit the student council. We were briefed by the Headteacher about our duties and duly elected.
Each form elects one member to represent them and feedback on any issues. The school council, which includes members of staff, meets frequently to discuss any issues or concerns raised by the students and to plan any upcoming events to raise money for charities or school social occasions such as the Year 11 leavers tea. These might include non-school uniform days, bake off or 'soak the teacher' and we are currently collecting ideas for future events.
The general aim of the school council is to give students the opportunity to develop leadership skills by organising and carrying out activities; being part of this enables us to develop critical and reflective thinking, problem-solving and communication skills and encourages student participation throughout the school

Tia Folami, Chair of the School Council 2018-2019
Every current Year 11 student was invited to submit a written expression of interest in standing for a school council official position. The response was overwhelming which gave the Headteacher and Head of Year the difficult task of drawing up a shortlist. Eleven girls made a speech to all the school prefects and school council members who were eligible to vote.













Ms Walker and Ms Ali congratulated the newly elected school council officials and Ms Walker thanked the outgoing team for their hard work and commitment to the school and said what a fantastic job they had done.